What some of our learners had to say...

Hello! My name is Elisabete Veiga. I was born in Angola but I grew up in Portugal. I came to England in 2002.I joined MTC Learning I wanted to improve my English. I have just finished ESOL Entry 3 with my teacher, Renata. I really enjoyed the course, it helped me a lot. I met nice people and I am more confident to speak English now.At the moment I am not working, I am just doing some voluntary work, but in the future I would like to be a chef.

Hi! My name is Ferdousal Haque. I am 51 years old and I am from Bangladesh, but I have been living in Swindon for the last 10 years with my family.
I am studying English, Numeracy and IT with MTC Learning. I think it is a great school; the teachers are very friendly and helpful. They always check if their students understand the lessons and we are very happy to come to every class.
The location of MTC learning is also very good and easy to find. I told my friends to join MTC learning too!

Gulay Velibas is 44 years old. She comes from Cyprus. She came to the UK in 1992. She never went to school; she came to London with no reading or writing skills. She couldn’t speak English either.
She enrolled onto an ESOL Entry Level 1 course with MTC learning and started reading and writing. She has gained confidence and has improved her language skills enormously.
After completing the course she would like to progress to Entry 2. She wants to learn English so she can find a good job and change her life for better.